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Licence classes and conditions

Learn about licence classes and conditions for driving cars, motorcycles, trucks and other road vehicles in NSW.

What are the different licence classes for driving or riding vehicles in NSW? See what you can drive with a car, rider and heavy vehicle licence.
Learn about different types of licence conditions and how they work. Conditions are legal requirements, such as a need to wear glasses when driving or riding.
Do you have a health condition or injury affecting your driving? To keep your licence, you may be able to get conditions on your licence.
How to combine an unrestricted driver licence and adult boat licence on one card.
Access the digital version of the NSW Driver Licence through the Service NSW app.

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Digital Driver Licence

The NSW Digital Driver Licence is the digital version of the NSW Driver Licence available through the Service NSW app. Use the NSW Digital Driver Licence the same as the plastic card. You can show Police or prove your identity and age. 

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