Combined driver and boat licence

Here’s how to combine an unrestricted driver licence and adult boat licence onto one card. You need separate driver and boat licences to do this.

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What is a combined licence?

A combined licence is a NSW driver licence card that shows you also have a NSW boat or personal watercraft (PWC) licence.

The boat licence details are displayed on the back of the driver licence card.

A combined licence is a way of displaying your licences on one card.

You still must apply for and maintain a separate boat and driver licence.

Licence classes for combined licence

The combined licence can include different licence classes, as long as they include both a boat and a driver or rider licence.

The Boat Driving Licence has two classes: General (GBL) and Personal Watercraft Licence (PWC).

See Licence classes for Driver and rider licences.

Who can apply?

You’re eligible to apply for a combined licence if you have:

  • an unrestricted driver licence of any class (including rider and heavy vehicle) that is
    • current
    • due for renewal or
    • eligible for renewal (one that expired less than 5 years ago)
  • a boat licence (including personal watercraft) that is current or expired less than 5 years ago
  • the exact same name and birth date on both your driver licence and boat licence.

Apply for a combined licence

Age and licence class restrictions

You're not eligible to apply for a combined licence if you:

  • hold a learner or P1 and P2 driver licence
  • are under 16
  • hold a gratis boat licence.

You're not eligible to apply for a 10-year combined licence if you're:

  • age 45 and above. You need to be 21 to 44 years of age to apply for a 10-year combined driver and boat licence. 

What you need

To get a combined licence:

Renewing a combined licence

You need to renew your driver and boat licence at the same time.

Transport will send you a combined renewal notice around 6 weeks before the licences are due to expire.

You need to attend a service centre to renew a combined licence. See Licence renewal application (PDF, 1.1 MB).

Changing your details

If any of your personal details change, inform Transport as soon as possible. See Updating personal details.

If you are upgrading or downgrading your boat licence, please attend a service centre.

If you are adding or removing eyesight or medical conditions, please attend a service centre.

Opting out of a combined licence

You can opt out of your combined licence at any time.

Contact a service centre to have your separate driver licence and boat licence reprinted for free.

If you voluntarily surrender your licence , you'll receive a pro rata refund of both or either licence.

What to do if a licence is suspended or cancelled

If one of your licences is suspended or cancelled because of an enforcement action:

  • attend a service centre to be issued with a replacement licence not affected by the enforcement action
  • the replacement licence will be issued for free.
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