Retiring from driving or riding

How to consider alternatives to driving and riding, return your licence, and get a new ID card.

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Why stop driving or riding?

There are many reasons why people decide to stop driving or riding after age 70 or 80.

Sometimes changes in our health can make driving more challenging.

Other times it's simply easier to use a different form of transport.

There are many safe and convenient alternatives to driving or riding.

Travelling with a friend, taking public transport, or using an online ride share or taxi service can get you where you want to be.

You can still be independent, active and mobile without driving.

See On the road 65Plus for ideas on how to transition from driving or riding.

How to return your licence

If you decide to stop driving or riding, you need to return your licence to a service centre.

You can also post it to Service NSW with a short note advising of your decision:

Service NSW
GPO Box 7057
Sydney NSW 2001

How to get a photo ID

If you still need photo identification, you can get a free NSW Photo Card.

There's no charge for a NSW Photo Card if you're handing in your driver or rider licence.

This is a secure and recognised way of providing ID when you need it.

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