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Find out how much it costs to get your NSW Photo Card and any concessions that may apply to you.

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NSW Photo Card fees (effective 1 April 2021)

The fee for your photo card depends on whether you also hold a NSW Driver Licence.

If you're applying for your photo card at the same time as your driver licence, you'll pay lower fees.

Customer type Issue or renewal Replacement card
Eligible pensioner, senior or carer (with or without a driver licence) Free Free
No NSW driver licence 5 years: $56
10 years: $99
Applying for a photo card and NSW driver licence at the same  5 years: $5
10 years: $5
Holder of a NSW driver licence applying for a photo card at another time 5 years: $14
10 years: $14

Retiring from driving or riding?

Your first photo card is free if you're giving up your driver or rider licence and one of the following applies:

  • you decide you're no longer able to drive
  • you've been advised by your doctor to give up driving
  • you haven't passed an advanced age driving test
  • you haven't passed a Transport for NSW Fitness to Drive medical examination.

The driver licence you are giving up must be current or expired within the last 2 years.

After that, you need to pay the fee for each new photo card you request, including reissues and replacements.


If you're an eligible pensioner, senior or carer, you're entitled to free a photo card. It doesn't matter whether you hold a driver licence.

You can get a new or replacement photo card free of charge if you're:

  • an eligible concession cardholder, including war widows
  • receiving a Centrelink Carer Allowance
  • a NSW Seniors and Senior Savers cardholder.

Your eligibility for concession is checked with Centrelink or the Department of Communities and Justice.

Refunds for new concession holders

You can visit any service centre and take your concession card, Centrelink Carer Allowance, Seniors or Senior Savers Card to apply for a refund.

Your eligibility is validated electronically with the relevant issuing authority.

If you've just become eligible for a concession and have already paid for your photo card, you may be able to apply for a refund.

Eligible pensioners

If you're an eligible pensioner and your photo card was issued on or after 17 December 2009, your refund is backdated to the grant date of the concession.


If you've been receiving the Centrelink Carer Allowance and your photo card was issued on or after 26 November 2012 the refund is backdated to the grant date of the allowance.

NSW Seniors

If you're a NSW Seniors or Senior Savers Cardholder and your photo card was issued on or after 26 November 2012, your refund is calculated from the date you notify Transport for NSW that you hold a Seniors or Senior Savers Card.

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