Exemptions from having your photo taken

Find out when and how you can get an exemption from having your photo taken.

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Licence holders

A temporary exemption for medical reasons is the only time a licence photo exemption is allowed.

The circumstances must be exceptional and there must be no photo of you already recorded on our system.

A temporary paper driver licence receipt is issued instead of a photo licence card. You must return to have your photo taken before you can get a photo licence card.

Mobility parking and photo card holders

If you're applying for a Mobility Parking Scheme permit, there are exemptions from having your photo taken. You can get an exemption if you are:

  • under 16 years of age
  • have a facial disfigurement
  • have a disability so severe you cannot visit a service centre in person.

See Apply for a disability parking permit - individual and temporary.

Photo cards

There are no exemptions for having your photo taken for a NSW Photo Card.

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