Advising us of someone's death

Find out what to do with a licence, NSW Photo Card or Mobility Parking Scheme permit when a relative passes away.

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Advising us of a death

NSW Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages usually notifies us of someone's death, but this can take some time.

If their death is not already recorded in our system, you must provide one of the following:

  • death certificate (original or copy)
  • newspaper death notice
  • a letter from a solicitor or the NSW Trustee and Guardian – advising that the person is deceased
  • completed Advice of Death (PDF, 254.68 KB)  form – accompanied by any proof of identity document of the deceased person
  • Presumption of Death Order issued by the Supreme Court (original or copy) – if the person is missing presumed deceased. An Advice of Death form cannot be used in this situation.

Handing in a licence or photo card

You can also hand in a driver or rider licence, NSW Photo Card, Mobility Parking Scheme card or other form of photo ID. When you notify us the licence record can be cancelled, preventing the licence from being used illegally by someone else.

To hand in a licence or photo card, find a service centre near you.

You need to take a completed Advice of Death (PDF, 254.68 KB) form with you.

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