10-year driver and rider licence

If you're between age 21 and 44, you may be able to get a 10-year car or rider licence. Find out if you're eligible and how to apply.

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Am I eligible?

You may be eligible for a 10-year licence if you:

  • are 21–44
  • hold an unrestricted licence
  • pass the eyesight test.

When renewing your licence at a service centre, the staff member will tell you if you're eligible for a 10-year licence. They will guide you through the application.

Only adults between 21 and 44 can hold a 10-year licence. This is due to greater facial changes that happen in people outside of this age bracket. This age restriction reduces the risk of misidentifying a rider or driver.

In addition, drivers and riders who are 45 or over need to take an eyesight test every 5 years to keep their licence.

Overseas licence holders

If you have a licence that was issued overseas, you may apply for a 10-year driver licence, provided you meet the eligibility criteria. 

For more, see Moving your overseas licence to NSW.

Interstate licence holders

You can transfer an interstate 10-year licence to a NSW licence, provided you are eligible. However, the expiry date on your NSW licence will be the same as the expiry date on your interstate licence. You cannot increase this expiry date.

Find out more at Moving your interstate licence to NSW.

How to apply

If you want to apply for a 10-year licence, you must attend a service centre in person.

You cannot apply online to get or renew a licence for a 10-year term.

You can only apply for the 10-year driver licence when your licence is due for renewal. You may renew your licence up to 6 months after expiry (although you cannot drive if your licence has expired).

Note: You can apply online for the replacement of your existing 10-year licence if it is lost, stolen or damaged. However, you are limited to one replacement per year online. See Replacing your licence.

10-year licence fee

The licence fee for a 10-year unrestricted C and/or R licence is available on our licence fees page.

Concessions are available for eligible pensioners. See licence fees for more information.

If you haven't committed a driving offence in the 5 years leading up to your licence renewal, you can receive a 50% safe driver discount. You'll be told if you're eligible for the discount when you renew your licence.

See Discounted licence renewal for safe drivers and riders for more information about this discount.

Upgrading your licence class

If you have a 10-year driver licence and upgrade to licence class LR or higher, you are no longer eligible to hold a 10-year driver licence.

This is because heavy vehicle drivers need to take an eyesight test every 5 years.

A service centre can calculate a pro-rata refund for your 10-year licence when you upgrade it. You will be issued with a new licence of up to 5 years and may be required to pay a licence fee.

Downgrading your licence class

When your licence is next due for renewal, you might want to downgrade your heavy vehicle licence. You may be able to apply for a 10-year unrestricted C or R class licence.

Moving to another state or territory

If you move from interstate from NSW, you will need to transfer your licence to that jurisdiction. All Australian states and territories allow you to transfer your licence for free.

When you move interstate from NSW, you may not be able to keep your 10-year licence. This is because not all states and territories issue a 10-year licence.

When you transfer your licence, Transport for NSW cannot provide a refund for any remaining period you have left on a NSW licence. This includes 10-year NSW licences.

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