Rider provisional P1 licence

You can get your P1 rider licence once you've held your learner licence for at least 3 months. Here's how.

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Check eligibility and requirements

To progress from your learner rider licence to your P1 rider licence, you must:

  • be at least 17 years old
  • have held your learner’s for 3 months
  • complete pre-provisional training if it's available in your area or
  • pass a riding test if you live in an undeclared area.

Pre-provisional training in a declared area

To find out if pre-provisional training is available near you, check the list of training providers or call Transport for NSW on 13 22 13.

Overseas and interstate licence holders

If you have an interstate or overseas rider licence you may be able to convert it to an equivalent NSW rider licence.

Complete the pre-provisional rider training course

If you live in a declared area, you'll need to choose a rider training provider and contact them to book your training. Make sure you book at least 6 weeks before your learner licence expires. 

If there are no training providers near you (undeclared area), you can book a rider test without completing the pre-provisional course. Double-check the list of training providers or call Transport for NSW on 13 22 13 to confirm if this applies to you.

About the training

Duration: 7 hours (one day)

Equipment: If you are using your own motorbike or scooter, it must be a learner approved motorcycle. You may be able to hire one from your training provider. Make sure you check with them in advance if you need to hire a bike.

Three-wheeled scooters: Three-wheeled scooters with a narrow front wheel track (eg. Piaggio 3) can be used for rider training. If you wish to train and test on a three-wheeled scooter, you'll need to bring your own scooter to rider training. You'll also need to meet registration and insurance requirements. For full details, see Rider training centres.

Course completion: You must successfully complete all of the competencies – including an on-road ride component – in order to successfully complete the course.

Testing: When you've completed the training component of the course, you’ll do the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test. This is a practical test to assess your riding ability.

Certification: Once you pass the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test, you'll get a certificate of competence. You need this to apply for your P1 rider licence.

Before you can book rider training, you'll need one of the following for proof of identity:

Learner licence expiry

You need to pass the pre-provisional training before your learner licence expires. There are no extensions on learner rider licences. Learner rider licences can be renewed within 3 months under limited circumstances, to find out more contact Service NSW on 13 22 13.  

So if yours expires before you pass training, you'll need to complete the pre-learner program again, including paying all fees.

Certificate of competence expiry

The certificate is valid for 3 months. If you haven't applied for your P1 rider licence before your certificate expires, you'll have to redo the course and test.

If you fail the test

If you successfully complete the course but fail the practical test, you must re-take the test. You'll need to pay the test fee again. You won't need to pay the course fee again as long as you pass the test within 3 months of completing the course.

If you don't pass the practical within 3 months, you'll have to do the whole course again. You'll need to book again with the the training provider and pay the course fee again.

Pass the P1 practical riding test

You need to pass a riding test to get your provisional P1 rider licence. The way you book and take your test differs depending on whether you live in a declared or undeclared area.

Declared area

If rider training is available in your area, you will take the Motorcycle Operator Skills Test as part of your pre-provisional rider training course.

You will not need to take a test through a service centre. You're ready to apply for your licence as soon as you pass the course.

Undeclared area

If you live in a region without training providers (undeclared area) you will need to take a kerbside riding test through Service NSW. You can book this test without completing the pre-provisional course.

When you’re ready to take the test, you’ll need to make a booking and pay the test fee.

You can book your test by phoning 13 22 13 or in person at any service centre.

Apply for your P1 rider licence

Passed your practical riding test? Congratulations! You're ready to apply for your red Ps.

To apply, complete a Licence Application form and take it to a service centre along with:

  • your learner rider licence
  • your Pre-Provisional Certificate of Competence (if you live in a declared area)
  • the licence fee.

You may also need to pass an eyesight test, so make sure you bring your glasses or contact lenses with you if you wear them to ride.

What happens next?

Once you’ve paid your rider licence fee, we'll take your photo and give you a temporary paper licence. You can use the paper licence until your P1 licence arrives in the post (usually within 10 working days).

You can choose to get a digital licence as well if you download the Service NSW app.

Your P1 rider licence is valid for 18 months.

Know the rules before you hit the road as a P-plater

In addition to complying with the NSW road rules, as a provisional P1 rider, you must:

  • only ride motorcycles or scooters that are approved for novice riders
  • wear an approved motorcycle helmet
  • have a zero blood alcohol concentration (BAC) – this means you cannot drink any alcohol before riding
  • obey the speed limit for the road you're on up to a maximum of 90km/h for P1 riders
  • display a P plate – red P on a white background – on the rear of your motorcycle so the letter P is clearly visible.

You must not:

  • ride manual motorcycles or scooters if your pre-provisional training or test was on an automatic
  • ride two wheel motorcycles or scooters if your pre-provisional training or test was on a three wheeled scooter
  • drive any vehicle other than a motorcycle or scooter, unless you also have the appropriate licence to drive that vehicle (eg. Class C driver licence for a car)
  • ride under the presence or influence of drugs
  • carry pillion passengers
  • tow any other vehicle
  • lane filter
  • use any functions of a mobile phone, hands-free device or loudspeaker while your motorcycle is moving or stopped, but still within the line of traffic
  • supervise a learner driver or rider.

Failure to meet these conditions is an offence and can carry severe penalties, including immediate loss of licence. If you lose your licence for any period, that time won't count towards your progression to a P2 licence.

Demerit points

P1 riders have 4 demerit points. If you get 4 demerit points, you will lose your licence.

Find out about the specific demerit points for provisional licence holders.

Speeding offences

If you commit a speeding offence your licence will be suspended for at least 3 months. Additional penalties will apply if you are more than 30km/h over the speed limit.

If your P1 licence is suspended

Any length of time your P1 licence is suspended for does not count towards your P2 licence.

If a court disqualifies you from riding

If you’re disqualified from riding by a court, your P1 licence will be cancelled instantly and any time you’ve accumulated towards your P2 licence will be lost. When your disqualification ends you’ll have to apply for your P1 and have it for another 12 months.

If you’re convicted of a Liquor Act offence

It’s illegal to use fake ID to gain access to licensed premises or buy alcohol. If you’re convicted of this offence while you’re on your P1 licence, you’ll have to have it for an additional 6 months before you can progress to your P2 licence.

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