Moving your overseas licence to NSW

Moving to NSW with an overseas licence? You’ll need to get a NSW licence within 3 months to continue driving or riding. Here's how.

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Steps to move your licence to NSW

You need an eligible licence to drive on NSW roads. Here are the steps to get your licence.

Check which licence you're eligible for

If you have a current overseas driver or rider licence, it will be converted in line with the NSW licensing scheme. See which NSW licence matches your current overseas qualification and experience.

Check eligibility

See if you need to sit knowledge or driving test

Some overseas drivers and riders need to sit knowledge and/or driving tests to get a NSW licence. Check if you qualify for an exemption from these tests.

Check requirements

Prepare your application

As well as completing a Licence Application form, you'll need to bring the right proof of identity and proof of permanent residency. You'll also need to have your documents translated if they're in a language other than English.

What you will need

Visit a service centre

Submit your application in person at a service centre and complete your test requirements to receive your NSW licence.

Find a Service Centre

Get started on NSW roads

Got your NSW road licence? Congratulations!

Whether you have your full licence or you're on a learner or provisional licence, it's important to know our road rules. Refer to the Road User Handbook (PDF, 15.56 MB) or Motorcycle Riders’ Handbook (PDF, 1.33 MB) to learn the current rules for NSW.

Stay safe and enjoy your journey.

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