Jobs and employment

Help with finding a job and changes to your employment.

Guides and support

Including information on looking for work, learning new skills and what to do when you get your first job.
Including guides on starting or changing careers and information on career paths, training options and financial support.
Including information on returning to work after having a child, organising childcare, looking for work and negotiating flexible work.
Including information on your rights at work, ways to upskill and retrain, where to search for work, as well as getting help with costs and other support services.
A step-by-step guide to help you if you've lost your job or your hours at work have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Finding a job

Find your next role in the NSW public sector.
If you are looking for employment opportunities, consider agriculture and farm work.
Explore careers and jobs. Read job guides, and get tips and advice for writing your job application and interviewing.
Find employment, training or job seeker support services.
Earn while you study by becoming an apprentice or trainee. Find out more on government-subsidised courses and other financial support available.


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