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Find the application forms, documents and template guides for aquatic event licences and sailing events.

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Application for an aquatic licence

To hold an event on NSW waterways you need to get an aquatic licence from Transport for NSW. When you need an aquatic licence depends on the type of event you're holding. Submit your application at least 6 weeks before the event date. For more information on applying, see Applying for an aquatic licence.

Aquatic activity operational plan

You must submit an aquatic activity operational plan when you apply for an aquatic licence. This template is a guide for licence applicants. Not all elements of this template will apply to all activities.

Aquatic Activity Operational Plan Template (DOC, 292 KB).

Aquatic event risk assessment template

You must submit a risk assessment with your aquatic event licence application. This template is a guide. Not all elements of this template will apply to all activities.  Where required, Transport staff can help you prepare a risk register. For more information contact us on 13 12 36.

Risk Management Assessment form (DOC, 282.5 KB).

Sailing event conditions

For a sailing event to be exempt from holding an aquatic licence, a number of conditions must be met.  These conditions are outlined in the exemption order below. If you have any questions please contact Transport at least 6 weeks before the event on 13 12 36.

Maritime Safety Regulation Exemption Order (PDF, 653.71 KB).

Sailing Event Notification form

This form must be completed by organisers of sailing events. The form must be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks before the event starts. A single form can be used for all events within a 12-month period. For more information see Sailing Event Notification System.

Sailing Event Notification form (PDF, 1.47 MB).

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