Licence fees

Find out the costs of applying for an aquatic event licence.

When you apply for an aquatic event licence you must pay a fee. This fee depends on what type of licence you're applying for. For information on the two licence types, see Aquatic event licences.

Aquatic event licence fees

Effective 1 April 2021

These fees are current and include GST where applicable. For more information, please contact us on 13 12 36.

Type Amount
Application for an aquatic licence – commercial activity* $405
Application for an aquatic licence – non-commercial activity* $202
Attendance by Transport for NSW (Maritime) officer at special event or standard event $196 (per hour)
Replacement licence fee


The following may incur additional costs:

  • events requiring exclusive use
  • events requiring attendance of additional Transport officers
  • the publication of a Marine Notice in local and/or state-wide print media.

All boating related fees received by Transport go towards the delivery of boating related services and infrastructure for our customers.

Waterway access fee for an aquatic licence

The Maritime Safety Regulation 2016 introduced a waterway access fee. This fee allows an applicant exclusive use of public water space for a period of time. The fee is charged at "an appropriate market rate for the exclusive occupation of waters".

Transport is developing a fee structure that reflects the value of having an exclusive benefit to a waterway space. Transport will consult with impacted stakeholders to seek feedback on the new structure.

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