Practise and book knowledge tests - boat or PWC licence

Applying for a boat or PWC licence in NSW? Here’s how to study and sit the licence knowledge tests.

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Get prepared

Before you apply for a general boat or personal watercraft (PWC) licence for the first time, you need to pass a licence knowledge test.

To refresh your knowledge of the rules, download or view the:

You can also get a free copy from a service centre.

Do the practice questions

At anytime, you can access our online:

To practice for the real test, do both the practice test and study the online ‘knowledge test questions’.  

The questions we use in the online practice and knowledge tests are taken from the real tests.

The online practice tests will let you check the correct answers.

What to expect

This is what you can expect when you sit the real tests.

General boat licence knowledge test

  • 50 multiple choice questions.
  • In Section A, you must answer 24 of 30 questions correctly.
  • In Section B, you must answer all 20 questions correctly.

PWC licence knowledge test

  • This is for those who already hold a general boat driving licence - a requirement before you can upgrade to a PWC licence.
  • You must answer at least 12 of the 15 questions correctly to pass.

Book the test

You can do the test as part of your training and testing with an Authorised Training Provider.

You can also take the test at any service centre:

  • by booking in advance
  • by paying the test fee.

You can sit the test when you're submitting your licence application if you have all the documents you need.

Interpreter service

A free interpreter service is available if you need to take your boat licence or PWC licence test in another language. Call 13 14 50 to arrange an interpreter. If you have special needs or learning difficulties, call 13 77 88 before booking your test.

What next?

See Get boat or PWC licence for everything you need to get your licence.

If you pass your knowledge test at a service centre, when you’re submitting your licence application, you should get your licence at the end of the test.

If you passed the knowledge test through an Authorised Training Provider (ATP), you need to apply for your licence in person at a service centre or by post. See Get boat or PWC licence.

What if I fail?

If you fail, you can attempt the knowledge test again. A fee applies for each test attempt at service centres.

What if someone cheats?

If someone cheats, they can not resit the test for 6 weeks. Penalties for cheating may include fines and imprisonment.

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