Jobs and careers

Understand how to get a job, prepare for an interview and your rights in the workplace.

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Getting job ready

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A guide for starting your first job and what you need to know.
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Writing a resume and cover letter and how to do a job interview.
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There are different types of websites you can explore to find vacancies.

Starting your own business

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New business assistance 

If you are unemployed, not studying or training, and interested in running your own business, the Australian Government offers New Business Assistance with the New Enterprise Incentive Scheme (NEIS).

The NEIS can help your business with accreditation, mentoring and financial support.

Your rights in the workplace

You must be paid at least a minimum wage. What the minimum wage is will depend on the type of work you do and your age.
If you think you have been fired unfairly or for the wrong reason, you may be able to make a complaint to the Fair Work Commission.
There are minimum rights that you have at work, such as how many hours you can work and when you must have a break.
Workplace discrimination is when you are treated unfairly because of how you look or your personal life.

Many young workers are injured each year but you have the right to a safe and healthy workplace. Follow the young workers etoolkit to stay safe at work.

Join a union to protect your rights at work and the life you enjoy outside of work.

Careers and improving your skills

Develop the skills you’ll need for your career whether you are starting out or growing your career.
Resources including a career mentoring helpline and tools and quizzes to help you uncover the best career for you.
Information about different career paths, training and upskilling options, and how to find work.

Discover new places and learn new skills by embarking on a Regional NSW Gap Year. There’s a wide range jobs and industries you could work in.

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