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Official information about COVID-19 (coronavirus) from the NSW Government

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Parliament House

Your Government

There are three branches of government: legislative, executive and judiciary. The legislature makes the laws, the executive put the laws into operation and the judiciary interprets and enforces the laws. Each has its own powers and is independent from the other. No one branch can control all power in a democratic system. This is referred to as the Separation of Powers. The powers and roles of the institutions of government for New South Wales are set out in the Constitution Act 1902.

Government Gazette

The NSW Government Gazette is the permanent public record of official notices issued by the NSW Government. It also contains local council and other notices and private advertisements.

The Gazette is compiled by the Parliamentary Counsel’s Office and published on the NSW legislation website under the authority of the NSW Government. The website contains a permanent archive of past Gazettes from 2014 onwards.

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