The Premier

Published 4th October, 2016

Message from the Premier

As Premier of NSW, I am committed to getting on with the job of rebuilding our State.

Since March 2011, the NSW Government has been working tirelessly to restore NSW public finances and rebuild the State’s economy. As a result of that hard work NSW now leads the nation with the strongest economic growth, the second lowest unemployment rate, the strongest retail sector, the highest number of new housing dwelling approvals, and is one of only two states to retain a AAA credit rating

Only with good economic management can we get on with the job of:

The NSW Government has a clear plan for the future to rebuild NSW. We will be unlocking $20 billion in infrastructure funding for local and major roads and rail networks, and for our schools, hospitals and water infrastructure.

As Premier, I am committed to making a real difference, and this plan will ensure we are rebuilding NSW and making it a stronger and better State for all.

Yours sincerely

Mike Baird MP
Premier of NSW
Minister for Western Sydney

Published 4th October, 2016