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Has someone stolen your ID? Do you want to learn about data breaches, scams and cybersecurity? We make it easier for you to find the right support and advice.

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Scam warning

The NSW Government is currently aware of several scams circulating using Revenue NSW and Service NSW branding. They are being sent by text message, email and by mail. These scams are seeking payment for fine notices that do not exist. More information is available here.

We strongly advise you not to click on any links within these messages or via any unsolicited emails and to never share personal information over the phone to someone you do not know. 

If you require assistance, please contact ID Support on 1800 001 040 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (Sydney time) or submit a webform.

Get support

Easy to follow steps, actions and support for when you’re the victim of a data breach or identity theft. We’re here to help!


​​​​​​​Online learning modules and everything you need to know about data breaches, scams, identity theft and cybersecurity.

Be prepared

In depth guides for individuals, families, and businesses. Prepare and protect against identity theft. Maintain your online privacy, passwords, and devices.

Contact ID Support NSW

If you believe your personal information has been stolen, used, or accessed without your knowledge or consent, our advisors can simplify the process and guide you through protecting your identity, accounts, and devices.

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Once you send us a request, we’ll do our best to reply within one business day.

Call ID Support

Call our advisors on 1800 001 040 Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm (Sydney time).

Interpreter services are available on request.

We understand the importance of safeguarding your personal information. We have a comprehensive privacy statement that outlines how we handle your personal information. This statement is designed to be transparent, easy to understand, and in compliance with relevant privacy regulations. 

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Password strength tester

Check how strong your password is. Plus, protect your accounts with the latest tips for creating and storing passwords.


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Staying safe online and protecting your identity can be a challenge

ID Support NSW want to empower you to safeguard your personal information and recognise threats.

Our informative sessions provide guidance for all NSW customers on how to prevent identity misuse. 

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What is ID Support NSW?

  • ID Support NSW helps people restore their stolen or misused identity documents with its team of trained advisors.
  • ID Support NSW shares free resources and tools with individuals, groups, and small businesses to protect against identity theft and data breaches.
  • ID Support NSW supports NSW government departments respond to data breaches and notify affected individuals.

What is the impact of identity misuse?


The estimated amount of identity theft cases in NSW. 

35 hours

The average time spent restoring a misused identity document. 


The average amount of money a person will lose when a victim of identity theft. 

Report an incident

Are you the victim of identity theft or a scam? Find out how to report cybercrimes and misuse.

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Your identity is important. Let's protect it.

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