Protecting the environment

Protecting our waterways is a shared responsibility. Understand the rules and your responsibilities.

This page lists all the sewage disposal facilities available to vessel owners and users within NSW waterways.

Protecting our waterways is a shared responsibility. Respect and care for the marine environment by disposing of waste correctly.

Find out about garbage pollution prevention responsibilities for vessels using NSW waters, along with essential signage and documentation.

Find out where you can report water pollution and how to prevent polluting while using your own vessel in NSW waterways.

You can help protect NSW waterways for future generations by taking extra care around marine animals and plants.

Learn what causes wash and riverbank erosion, the strategies NSW is trialling and how you can find out more.

Whales, dolphins, dugongs, seals and sea lions are protected in NSW. Keep these animals and your vessel safe.

Transport for NSW helps to provide safe public ferry wharves for the NSW public. See more on wharf assessments and the rules around fishing on wharves.

When using a vessel, you must not make noise that could offend, disturb or be harmful to others.

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How Transport for NSW (Maritime) manages waterway use to minimise environmental impact.

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