NSW Government communications

Advice and resources for communications professionals working for NSW Government agencies.

All of Government Communications Framework

This framework has been designed to drive excellence and maximise the impact, effectiveness and efficiency of our communications.

Government advertising

Are you advertising on behalf of NSW Government? Know the rules and your responsibilities.


Learn about the NSW Government branding guidelines and how to apply them.


Use the NSW Government Evaluation Framework for Advertising and Communications to show and improve the impact of communications.

Inclusive advertising

The NSW Government is committed to building a more inclusive and culturally sensitive approach to government communication.


More than 500 NSW Government websites will be consolidated into a single nsw.gov.au website in an effort to make it easier for customers to find information, access services and have their say.

Social media

Advice for social media practitioners working across the NSW Government.

Accessibility and inclusivity

Learn more about how the NSW Government addresses accessibility through our digital design standards.

Professional development

Find out about the learning and development opportunities available to communications professionals working for NSW Government.

Have your say

The Have Your Say portal is a centralised hub for all NSW Government public consultations currently open for comment and submissions.

nsw.gov.au domain names

NSW Government entities and local councils can use nsw.gov.au domain names to identify their organisation or program online.

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