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OneCX program

The OneCX program is transforming our customer’s digital experience of NSW Government. It’s making it easier for customers to access the information they need, without having to understand or navigate the structure of government.  

With over 750 websites across 10 NSW government clusters, the OneCX program is working with agencies to build as the single location for customers to source information.

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What we're working on

Insights into the agency experience on

We’ve been undertaking research into the ongoing experience of agencies that have migrated to the platform. The purpose of the project was to collect feedback from agency customers to better understand their experiences of the platform and services in a business-as-usual (BAU) environment and to identify opportunities for improvement. 

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Ways of working

The power of continuous improvement

How you can continuously improve whilst being agile. Tips and examples from the OneCX program. 

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What we're working on initiatives helping the people of NSW save money

Finding a way to cut costs and access financial support has become easier with the Cost of Living hub, Home Buyer Assistance Finder, Seniors Card and Companion Card pages on

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