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What is the OneCX Program

The OneCX Program is transforming our customer’s digital experience with the NSW Government. It’s making it easier for customers to access the information they need, without having to understand or navigate the structure of government.  

With over 750 websites across 10 NSW government portfolios, the OneCX Program is working with agencies to build as the single location for customers to source information.


Video about the OneCX Program

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Video transcript

Video about the OneCX Program

Right now, there are over 750 websites across NSW Government agencies and departments...

And each site has its own design, user experience, and technology platforms. Which means our customers have an inconsistent and often frustrating user experience.

Can we do something about it?

Great idea… Say hello to The One CX Program. It’s transforming our customer’s digital experience of NSW Government.

We’re making it easier for customers to access the information they need, without having to understand or navigate the structure of government.

We’re working with each government agency to build as the one place for customers to source information.

Here, customers can find accessible, relevant content complete with personalisation services.

And we’ll keep improving their experience by capturing and acting on feedback

[In mandarin] Can we add in a translation service?
We can totally add that in.

Our customer-centric approach has already delivered real value to the people of NSW over the last 12 months..

And it’s all delivered in one location.

As the program grows, our agency partners will see more benefits.

Such as greater exposure with over 4.2 million visitors per month.

And to support digital capability uplift, we provide platform training, and service desk support, so that agencies can spend more time focusing on the customer.

We’re building a best-in-class, open-source tech platform, with security at the heart.

Together, we’re improving the digital experience of government, by putting our customers at the centre of everything we do.

Customer benefits

A single source of truth

A citizen can access government information in one place, without having to navigate government structures

Customer centred

Information is centred around citizen needs and behaviour, providing a seamless customer experience​

A government that listens and responds​

Customers access and our social channel to have their say, ask questions and interact with the government, data and insights inform improvements to the experience

Agency benefits

Expand reach​

Leverage audience reach of and our social media channels​

Upskilling staff

Lift staff capability in digital tools to manage agency content​

Improved customer service​

Single channel for key government messages​

Best practice

Opportunity to access digital specialists for ​ongoing support

How OneCX is coming together

Vision and objectives

Creating a unified and customer-centric digital experience for people in NSW.

Scope of OneCX Program

The Program will incorporate content from many NSW Government websites into a customer-centric information architecture on

Assessment criteria

We prioritise website content to incorporate into based on 4 factors.

The roadmap

Our roadmap outlines what we are working on now and what we plan to deliver in the future.


Find out about the OneCX Program achievements, including milestones, and launches.

Service Catalogue

An outline of the support and services that are available to agency partners as part of the OneCX Program.

How to get involved

Should my content be on

Answer some questions to work out whether your agency's content will be part of the OneCX program.

What can I do to prepare

Your agency can do a number of things to prepare that can make the transition easier for all involved.

Contact the NSW Government Digital Channels team

Submit your feedback, suggestions and questions to us.

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