Voluntary assisted dying

Voluntary assisted dying is now available for eligible people in NSW​.

Find information and support for health practitioners, carers, family and friends, and people considering voluntary assisted dying.


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Beat the heat

Heatwaves or extreme heat events can have serious impacts on people's health. Prepare early, plan for the first heatwave and protect yourself. Here's how.

Serious illness and injury

Information for people with a serious injury or chronic illness. Find support services, financial help for living and medical expenses, your rights and responsibilities at work, emotional support and more.

Mental health support

Find counselling services and mental health support programs. Immediate and ongoing support is available to everyone in NSW.

Health information


Official NSW Government information on COVID-19 (coronavirus) for residents, businesses and visitors to New South Wales.

Influenza (flu)

Information about influenza and flu shots.

A to Z health topics

Browse hundred of topics on the NSW Health website including disease fact sheets, medical services and advice on staying healthy for all ages.

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