Heatwaves in NSW

Information about the risks of heatwaves and how you can prepare to cope with high temperatures.

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Preparing and staying healthy in the heat

Understanding the risks of heatwaves

Heatwaves can have a serious impact on your health. It's important to understand the risks and how to mitigate them.

Preparing for heatwaves

Prepare your home, and protect yourself and loved ones, by planning in advance for the summer heat.

Stay healthy during heatwaves

Advice on how to stay hydrated and as cool as possible during periods of extreme heat.

People most at risk from heatwaves

Information for people at higher risk of severe illness due to extreme heat.

Prepare your pets and animals for the heat

It's important to make sure your pets are safe during hot weather and heatwaves.

Power outages and emergency services

Find out how to stay cool and safe if your power is interrupted during a heatwave.

Get ready for bushfire season

Heatwaves lead to hot, dry conditions and the potential for severe bushfires. Find out how to prepare for bushfires.

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Suburb in a haze from bushfire smoke.

Emergency resources and contacts

Guides and resources
Contacts and support
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