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Grow your business

Expand your product or service range, export goods, explore online options to reach new customers, hire staff, franchise your business and sell your goods or services to government or other businesses.

Running a small business

Learn about business compliance, obligations and regulations in NSW, and explore opportunities to grow your business.

Mental health at work

Creating a mentally healthy workplace is the responsibility of all employers, leaders and workers in NSW. Make your workplace safer and healthier by learning about how to manage mental health at work. 

NSW Small Business Commissioner

The Small Business Commissioner is an independent voice advocating for and supporting NSW small businesses. The Commissioner can help your small business with mediation and dispute resolution and other issues that impact your day-to-day operation.

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A cafe owner wearing a striped apron in her own business


Operating independently, the Small Business Commissioner can speak up on behalf of your business to government and large businesses and industry. See how your business can benefit from this assistance.


If your business has a commercial lease dispute, the Small Business Commissioner can help resolve the issue before it gets to court. They can also help with other matters arising between your business and another business or government.


Looking for small business tips, advice, answers to frequently asked questions? The Small Business Commissioner has you covered. Plus case studies, guides and more.

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