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Workplace Pulse Check

Learn how mentally healthy your workplace is. Find out how it compares to other businesses of the same size and in your industry.

Get a tailored report that you can share plus advice on the actions you can take to support mental health in your workplace  

Take the pulse check

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Free training and coaching

We have free easy-to-do programs to help you promote, support, and manage mental health at work.

We have training for employers, managers, and workers. Plus, coaches are available for one-on-one support on topics or issues specific to your workplace. 

Find free training and coaching

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COVID-19 resources kit

This resource kit has ways to support your team's mental health and resources you can use to navigate the uncertainty and change brought on by the pandemic.

View the COVID-19 resource kit

Mental health in the workplace

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Create a mentally healthy workplace

Not sure where to start or what to do next? Use this practical, step by step advice to create a mentally healthy workplace.

Find out what steps to take

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Factors that impact mental health

Learn about the workplace risk factors that can impact mental health. Manage risk factors proactively to have a productive and safe business. 

Learn about risk factors

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Resource kits

Our resource kits cover topics such as recovery at work, developing policies and training, as well as supporting leaders, small businesses and the NSW government sector. 

Access tailored support and resources

Legal obligations and rights

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For employers 

Employers have a legal obligation to manage risks and ensure both the mental and physical safety of people at work. 

Read about your obligations and rights 

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For workers 

Workers have a legal obligation to work in a safe way and look out for their own and others’ health and safety at work. 

Read about your obligations and rights 

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Code of Practice 

Safework NSW, the work health and safety regulator, provides the Code of Practice on managing psychosocial hazards at work. The code provides practical guidance and case studies on how you can comply with your obligations under the WHS legislation.

Read the Code of Practice

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Success stories 

Watch videos of businesses who have already taken part in our free programs. Hear what they learnt, the steps they took to create a mentally healthy workplace and their results.


Dr Chris Doyle

Chris has been the Group Head of Environment, Health and Safety for the Lendlease Group for over 15 years and is a passionate advocate for mental health support in the building and construction sector.
Dr Chris Doyle

Fiona Simson

Fiona is the President of the National Farmers Federation and is passionate about growth and sustainability. She wants to shape the way mental health is addressed in the sector and lead change by raising awareness that it is okay to not be okay so that people start the conversation. 
Fiona Simson

David Burroughs

Dave is a psychologist and Westpac's Chief Mental Health Officer. He is an advocate for evidence-informed approaches to workplace mental health, which is a foundation of Westpac’s mental health strategy where mental health is considered a positive concept.  
Dave Burroughs


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