Managing mental health in your workplace

Learn how to create a mentally healthy workplace and the benefits to doing so, how to get and give support, and the factors that impact people's mental health.

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Steps for creating a mentally healthy workplace

How to create a mentally healthy workplace

Steps you and your workplace can take to improve and monitor mental health in your workplace. 

Learn how to get your leadership involved, consult your team, how to create a plan and how to implement it.

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Get and give support

For yourself, support can start by setting up healthy habits and boundaries, taking time out, staying active and connecting with others. 

For others, all it can take is to notice when things don’t seem right, start a conversation and connect them to support if they need it. 

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Mental health

Factors that impact mental health

There are common factors that impact mental health at work. 

They can vary depending on your business or industry, but it’s important to understand what these factors are so you can identify them.  

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Why mental health at work matters

Learn more about the social and financial benefits of having a mentally healthy workplace.

The benefits to businesses include staff retention and increased productivity, the benefits to employees include greater job satisfaction.

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Answer a few questions and our tool can tell you how mentally healthy your workplace is compared to others across NSW. It will then give you confidential, easy-to-follow advice on what to do next.


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Easy-to-do training and coaching programs for employers, managers, and employees to improve mental health in your workplace. Led by experts, these programs are free and available for a limited time only.
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Everyone has a legal right to a healthy and safe workplace. Learn about your rights and obligations if you're an employee or employer and the minimum standards everyone must meet.

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