Workplace mental health resource kits

Mental health resource kits provide practical advice to help businesses, leaders and others to create a mentally healthy workplace. 

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COVID-19 and mental health at work

COVID-19 has changed the way we live and work. These changes may impact our mental health.


This resource kit has ways to support your team's mental health and resources you can use to navigate the uncertainty and change brought on by the pandemic.

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As a business leader, supervisor or manager, you play an essential role in creating a mentally healthy workplace. You don't need to be an expert - small actions can have a big impact on those around you.


This resource kit has practical ways to create a mentally healthy workplace. 

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Small businesses

Running a small business can bring unique challenges that impact mental health, but creating a mentally healthy small business doesn't need to be costly or time-consuming.


This resource kit has tips and support for small business owners so they can create a mentally healthy workplace.

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Education can help us understand mental health, and teach us how to support others in the workplace.


This resource kit explains the benefits of workplace training for employers, business owners and leaders, and provides advice on the types of training available to you. 

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Recovery at work

Recovery at work is about making small workplace adjustments to support your employees as they recover from an injury or illness. 


This resource kit provides simple tips for employers and leaders to support their worker as they recover at work.

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The NSW Government sector

The NSW Government is the largest employer in Australia. It also has the opportunity to deliver best practice mental health outcomes.


This resource kit provides Government leaders with advice and resources to support their workers and create a mentally healthy workplace.

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Policy templates resource kit

Workplace policies help set expectations across the business. They also demonstrate a commitment to worker wellbeing and positive workplace culture.


This resource kit includes information on the different policies businesses should have.

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Regional and remote businesses face unique challenges that impact workplace mental health, and just like physical safety, looking after worker psychological health is important. 


This resource kit has tailored advice and resources for regional businesses to promote, manage and support mental health at work.

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Answer a few questions and our tool can tell you how mentally healthy your workplace is compared to others across NSW. It will then give you confidential, easy-to-follow suggestions that could improve mental health at your work.
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We have easy-to-do programs you can use to improve mental health in your workplace. We have training for employers, managers, and employees. Led by experts, these programs are free and available now.

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