Protecting yourself from COVID-19

How to help protect yourself and your community from COVID-19 infection.

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Steps to keep yourself safe

Icon of medicine and a syringe

Stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations.

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Talk with your doctor now if you're at higher risk. You may be eligible for antivirals.

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Stay home if you have cold or flu symptoms and do a test.

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Wear a mask in crowded indoor spaces.

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Don't visit people who are at higher risk if you have COVID-19 or symptoms.

Hands and soap

Wash your hands using soap and water, or hand sanitiser.

Guidance on protecting other people

Advice for parents of children in childcare and schools

Find out what COVID-safe measures are in place at NSW early childhood education centres and schools.

Visiting people in high-risk settings

If you're visiting someone in aged care or disability care, find out what you can do to keep them safe.

Advice for workers

Guidance for workers affected by COVID-19.

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