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A career at the Department of Customer Service (DCS) allows you to serve the people of NSW. We are focused on delivering first-class customer service, digital transformation and regulatory reform. Come join us and influence the future of our great state.

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We're driving digital transformation across the NSW Government

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Is TECH your thing?

Do you have a passion for anything and everything to do with technology? 

We need you! 

Careers in product management, software engineering, design, customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), cyber security and more...  

Join us and use the latest technology to build and deliver products that put the customer front and centre. Work on innovative and exciting digital projects that make interacting with government easier and create better outcomes for our customers. 


Join the team


We are a team of more than 12,000 people, working together to provide services that improve the lives of our 8+ million customers across NSW.

We need people from diverse backgrounds, who believe that providing modern, accessible government services can change people's lives. 

As a leading central service agency, we are made up of over 30 agencies, entities and business units, which makes our work incredibly diverse.  

Our commitment to digital transformation is at the heart of what we do; driven by the digital services teams across DCS including Service NSW, Digital.nswRevenue NSW and SIRA.

Meet some of our team


Working as an Engineer at Service NSW Digital

Interviews with team members about the benefits of working for Service NSW Digital


DCS stories - Karen Ellis making a difference

Karen from Fair Trading is a consumer protection officer making sure all the products you buy are safe and compliant with Australian Consumer Law.

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Video transcript

DCS stories - Karen Ellis making a difference

- I'm Karen Ellis. I'm a consumer protection officer. I work in New South Wales Fair Trading. Happily married, I have two grown-up children. Everyone's a customer and a lot of our roles revolve around customer service. The area that I concentrate on mainly is product safety, have done for many, many years, and that involves going out in the marketplace, looking for not only toys but other products, and those products have to comply with the standards. If they don't, then they're non-compliant with the Australian Consumer Law. I find that 99% of people, when you speak to them and treat them respectfully, you find the majority of them are very nice people and want to cooperate. The satisfaction I get out of my job's immense. I wouldn't be doing it for over 30 years if I didn't.

Types of careers

We offer more than just a desk job, with careers almost as diverse as our people.

Customer service career icon
Customer service

Work on the frontline supporting customers, communities and industry.


Careers include responding to enquiries in our call centres,  walk-in service centres, or via social media, email or post.

Digital career icon

Do you have a passion for anything and everything to do with technology?


Careers include user interface (UI), user experience (UX), customer experience (CX) developers, engineers, platform architects and content designers. 

Regulators career icon

We regulate industries, service providers  and community activities.


Careers include safety, building or consumer protection inspectors, community education or managing the 1,000s of trade licence applications we receive every year.

Policy and legal career icon
Policy and legal

We manage more than 100 pieces of legislation for NSW.  Join one of our policy or legal teams who draft the laws that shape the future of NSW, and protect the rights of its citizens.


Examples include careers as a policy advisor, lawyer, counsel or legal officer.

HR career icon
Human resources

Do you have an interest in helping people meet their full potential? Our People and Culture team is the place for you.


Careers in talent acquisition and development, change management, return to work, inclusion, dispute resolution and industrial relations.

Don't fit in a box career icon
Don't fit in a box?

The career opportunities at DCS are as diverse as the many different services we provide.


Examples of careers include wedding celebrant, video production, stakeholder engagement, project manager and accountant.

Build your career

Michelle works at Births Deaths and Marriages and helps happy couples plan their wedding ceremonies.
Michelle works at Births Deaths & Marriages and helps couples plan their wedding ceremonies.

A great place to grow

We offer a huge range of learning and development opportunities, including leadership and graduate programs.  

Be part of a team where everyone, every day has the opportunity to learn. 



Working from home
We offer a range of benefits to make sure you get the best out of working with us.

A place supporting lifestyle

We offer flexible working, competitive pay and conditions, and support employee health and wellbeing. 

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Inclusion and diversity

Karina, Alicia and Bud from the Revenue outreach program
Alicia, Karina and Bud from Revenue NSW helping Aboriginal communities.

A great place to belong

The key to our success is leveraging the contributions of employees with different backgrounds and perspectives. 

You belong in our diverse and inclusive workplace.



Serve the community

Service NSW mobile service centres during 2019 bushfires
Staff supporting bushfire affected communities.

A great place to make a difference

Pandemic response

From websites, to QR code check-ins and education campaigns, we have led the pandemic response with partner agencies like NSW health.

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Helping fire-affected communities

No-one will ever forget the fires that ripped through NSW in 2019.  Our staff were on the scene, providing help with our travelling mobile service centres.

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Leading the way in recognition

Our department won a swag of awards at the recent NSW Premier Awards, including Public Servant of the Year



A DCS new recruitment arriving for her first day.

NSW Leadership Academy

The NSW Leadership Academy is a development program designed to challenge the individual and create exceptional NSW public sector executives.


Two graduates arriving for their first days a work

Graduates program

The Graduates Program gives you endless opportunities to shape and change the future of NSW. You’ll work on projects that contribute to making our state a great place to live, work and visit. 


Two women are talking outdoors

Mentoring program

Tap into the existing knowledge, skills, and experience of senior employees and executives to advance your career. Or transfer these skills to newer or less experienced employees and build the leaders of tomorrow.


NSW FACS disability community workplace carers

Stepping Into

This program connects university students with disability, provides valuable on-the-job experience with our many experts and helps them launch into a career once they've finished formal study.

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