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We offer a broad range of job opportunities at DCS.

Michelle from Service NSW smiling at a service centre

Customer service

Easy to access government services 

Does your passion involve helping people with their needs? You could be the face or the voice on the frontline giving support to customers, communities and industry.

This includes helping the hundreds of thousands of people who come through the door of one of our service centres, or answering the calls for help at one of our call centre. 

Our Business Concierge team offer every business in NSW a free and personalised advice and support service of behalf of the entire NSW Government. 

Karen Kho  at work
Karen has passion for technology and building better (and simpler) digital processes.


We are the home of digital

We are driving force behind the NSW Government’s digital transformation.  This includes having more than 6 million active users of the game-changing Service NSW app. 

Are you one of the 2.5 million people who have a digital driver license? We built that.

But we’re only getting started - we’re digitising more than 130 licenses and applications processes in the next few years – everything from asbestos removal and birth certificates.

Our websites receive more than 100 million visits every year. And through our OneCX program, we’re making it easier to find, use, and understand information.  It’s one of the biggest website transformation projects ever attempted anywhere in the world.

DCS employee John working with other policy advisors.
John, with other policy advisors, wants our laws to work for all people.

Policy and legal 

Shape the future of NSW 

We manage more than 100 pieces of legislation and regulations, everything from retirement villages to consumer protection, from marriage laws to egg labelling.  

Right now, our policy teams are making it easier and fairer for our customers to work interstate. Through the automatic mutual recognition project NSW trade licences will be recognised in other Australian jurisdictions.

If you join one of our policy and legal teams you’ll be at the heart strategic policy, offer advice to senior leaders, and help create the laws that will govern us. 

Two people in hard hats talking to each other
Our inspectors keep people, protect consumer rights, and give advice to businesses on how to meet their legal obligations.


We regulate industries, service providers and community activities to ensure that our customers of NSW are being treated fairly. 

Are you a motorist? If you do then you’re our customer because we regulate the millions of CTP policy holders.

If you are a worker or employer in NSW then you’re our customer – we are responsible for WHS as well as the Workers Compensation Scheme that helps people recover from a workplace injury.  Our SafeWork inspectors are in the community every day.

If you buy products and services in NSW, then you’re our customer – we are responsible for enforcing consumer rights through Fair Trading and ensure the products and services you buy are safe and good quality.

Through the NSW Building Commissioner, we work on making sure apartment buildings are up to code and penalise dodgy builders.

Two DCS employees talk at a desk
Our People and Culture team help make DCS a great place to work.

Human resources

People and culture

A strong workplace culture with the best people is key to customer service, employee satisfaction and retention, and teamwork.

The People and Culture team is responsible for the overall support of staff and managers across the department, including the development and implementation of diversity and inclusion strategies, employee and industrial relations, leadership, capability and talent development.

Help build a strong organisational culture that keeps our core values front and center in all aspects of its day-to-day operations. 

Bride and groom holding hands while looking at each other during the wedding ceremony with celebrant in background.
There is a huge varity of careers, even marriage celebrants.

Wide and varied roles

Don’t fit in a box?

Maybe you’re a wedding celebrant interested in working with Births, Deaths and Marriages or an accountant wanting to work with Revenue NSW.

Are you a video producer, design extraordinaire, brand enthusiast, communications specialist or an expert in cultural and linguistically diverse audiences? 

No matter where your passions lie, there is something here for you.

Our people making a difference

Butcher with COVID Safe sign on door


We are leading the Government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic with our partners at NSW Health. 

Our nsw.gov.au website is the central hub for COVID-19 information across the NSW government, we created a QR code check-in system faster than any other government in the Southern Hemisphere.

The many different NSW Government COVID support packages are available through our Service NSW app.

Vaccination rates in NSW are the highest of any state in Australia – our vaccination advertising campaign and other educational initiatives helped drive that.

A couple look out at bushfire damaged property and burnt vehicle

Bushfires and floods

When the state was ravaged with more than 11,000 bushfires during the 2019-20 fire season, causing billions in property damage and tragically more than 20 lives lost, we were there.  

When extreme rainfall hit NSW in March 2021 leading to widespread flooding across the state, we were there. 

We implemented easy to access emergency payments and our mobile service centres travelled into the heart of regional and rural communities .

Working with partners agencies we othered help when people needed it most.


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