COVID-19 guidance and support for people in NSW.

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New COVID-19 cases and tests in the past 7 days

Weekly COVID-19 reporting

Routine COVID-19 reports occur weekly. NSW Health also provides detailed reporting and analysis of the latest COVID-19 data in weekly respiratory surveillance reports

New cases*
Positive results from PCR tests
Positive results from rapid antigen tests (RATs)**
Deaths reported ***

Data for the past 7 days until 4pm, 21 September 2023, last updated 22 September 2023.

*Combined total of PCR positive test results and rapid antigen test (RAT) positive result registrations.

**Rapid antigen tests (RATs) are reported by individuals using the Service NSW website or app.

***As per the national surveillance definition, deaths are reported as COVID-19 deaths if a person died with COVID-19, not necessarily because COVID-19 was the cause of death. Deaths are only excluded if there is a clear alternative cause of death that is unrelated to COVID-19 (e.g. trauma).

COVID-19-related deaths are notified to NSW Health from a range of sources and not all deaths reported by NSW Health occurred in the week in which they are reported, as there is sometimes a delay between a death occurring and it being notified to NSW Health.

COVID-19 hospitalisations

Admitted to hospital
In intensive care

Hospitalisations as of 4pm, 21 September 2023, last updated 22 September 2023.

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