Why join the Department of Customer Service?

As a leading central service agency, we are made up of over 30 agencies, entities and business units, which makes our work incredibly diverse.

Our people make a difference

We’re 1,000s of professionals pooling our knowledge and skills toward helping the people of NSW. 

By joining the DCS team you’ll be exposed to a network of passionate, clever and capable professionals committed to building the world’s most customer-centric government.

Safework inspector
DCS employees working in a breakout area.
DCS employee Sarah speaking to a customer
Fair Trading inspector Karen standing out the front of a shop
DCS employee Shane inspecting a trucking company

Meet William

Will is one of our Customer Experience experts.  He is passionate about making our digital services meet your needs.  Watch his story.


DCS stories - William Dieu making a difference

Will is the Manager of customer experience at Revenue NSW and is passionate about solving customer problems.

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Video transcript

DCS stories - William Dieu making a difference

- My name is William Dieu and I work as the manager of customer experience at Revenue NSW. We are the primary revenue-collecting agency for New South Wales Government. And what that means is we collect fines, debts and administer grants for our customers. I manage a team of analysts and designers who take a human-centered design approach to solving customer's problems. The team is great. I mean, I've only been here nine months but it already feels like a family to me. We are a bunch of passionate people who are genuinely passionate about our customers. I do feel excited coming to work because there's a meaning and a purpose. There's a goal of meeting customer's expectations and delivering on that. So that's what makes me wake up in the morning if you like.

Meet Karen

To achieve the highest quality customer outcomes and world-leading customer experiences, we need the best people. People like Karen.  Watch her story.


DCS stories - Karen Ellis making a difference

Karen from Fair Trading is a consumer protection officer making sure all the products you buy are safe and compliant with Australian Consumer Law.

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DCS stories - Karen Ellis making a difference

- I'm Karen Ellis. I'm a consumer protection officer. I work in New South Wales Fair Trading. Happily married, I have two grown-up children. Everyone's a customer and a lot of our roles revolve around customer service. The area that I concentrate on mainly is product safety, have done for many, many years, and that involves going out in the marketplace, looking for not only toys but other products, and those products have to comply with the standards. If they don't, then they're non-compliant with the Australian Consumer Law. I find that 99% of people, when you speak to them and treat them respectfully, you find the majority of them are very nice people and want to cooperate. The satisfaction I get out of my job's immense. I wouldn't be doing it for over 30 years if I didn't.

The team at DCS

Working in the public service is more than just a job. It’s about the people we serve. It’s about building the future of our great State. 

We are leaders, analysts, policy makers and regulators, we are app developers, cyber security experts and website writers, we are customer service representatives, educators and inspectors.  

We are passionate about driving customer service improvements across the entire NSW Government. 

We want to simplify the way citizens of NSW interact with their government.

As a DCS employee, you may work across a range of exciting projects from consumer rights and safe work practices to music festivals and marrying people at the Sydney Opera House. We help people go about their day, every day.

If you enjoy a fast-paced environment where you can deliver tangible benefits to the public, this is the right place for you.

Portrait image of Telco employee
Jeremy makes sure government telecommunications services run smoothly

Who are we looking for?

We’re always looking for people who are truly inspired to make a difference for the people of New South Wales, by improving the access, service delivery and the role that government plays in their lives.

You, like us, will treat the people of NSW as ‘customers’ and put their needs at the centre of everything you do. We want every one of our 8 million customers to feel the services we provide are trustworthy, simple and easy.

You will be passionate, flexible and excited to work on some of the biggest projects in government. 

If you want your career to grow you and be about more than turning a profit for an organisation, then you’ll find the career you’re looking for with us.

The work you do will contribute to improving the lives of this generation and generations to come.  Are you ready to make your next move?


SafeWork inspectors working with police.
Some of our workplace safety inspectors working with police at night.

A message from Em

Join us on our journey

Thanks for your interest in joining DCS.

We are an organisation with a very worthy goal: to be the world’s most customer-centric government, delivering for the people and communities of NSW. 

Our department encompasses various functions, from leading disaster relief efforts, to improving workplace health and safety to leading building regulation reform.

But no matter what role or function they work in, each one of our team members has a unique contribution in helping us deliver experiences and services for our customers. 

Our people are at the heart of everything we do, and we are an employer who is committed to helping people grow in their careers and reach their aspirations.  

We are also passionate about providing a flexible, inclusive workplace that values and celebrates diversity and represents the people it serves. 

Em Hogan, DCS Secretary

Em Hogan
Our Secretary, Em Hogan

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