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Last updated: 19 August 2021

Our mental health changes depending on what’s happening in our lives and around us. Education can help us learn the factors that contribute to mental ill-health. It can also teach us simple self-care tips and how to support others in the workplace. 

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Key information

  • Mental health training can help us prevent, respond to and support recovery from mental illness.
  • Workplace training can lead to improved attitudes towards mental health, early intervention and confident employees that support each other.
  • There are many free training and support resources available to help you upskill your workforce.

Benefits of workplace education and training

The benefits of education and training in the workplace are: 

  • improved attitudes towards mental health 

  • more confidence and skills to support others  

  • encouragement to seek help early 

  • providing skills for people to manage their own mental health.

Types of training 

Three types of training support mental health at work: 

  1. Prevention – how to stay mentally well 

  1. Respond – how to act on warning signs of mental ill-health 

  1. Recovery – how to support people with mental illness to recover 


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What to consider 

Choose a mental health training provider that: 

  • delivers training via a mode of delivery that suits you i.e. online or face to face
  • delivers training tailored to your business (for example, the factors you need to address for your industry
  • delivers a program that has been proven to achieve results or is evidence-informed
  • promotes any mental health or wellbeing programs that your business currently has in place e.g. workplace EAP
  • provides a facilitator who is suitably trained and experienced. It is important the facilitator can answer questions and appropriately support participants if they wish to share their mental health lived experience or feel triggered by the subject matter.

Find the right training for your business


Trains staff on the basics of mental health at work. 

Prevention training includes: 

  • how common mental ill-health is and its impacts 

  • early signs of mental ill-health 

  • effective conversations about stress, health and wellbeing 

  • wellness strategies and accessing support. 

Training available 


Ensures some staff have the skills to respond when colleagues or customers are in distress or crisis.  

Respond training includes: 

  • peer support training 

  • mental health first aid 

  • crisis support training 

  • suicide intervention training.

Training available 


Key staff need to know the steps and adjustments required to support recovery at work. 

Prevention training usually includes strategies to support recovery from mental illness. The same process applies for recovery from a mental illness or injury as it does for a physical illness or injury. 

Training available 

Online return to work online coordination training from the State Insurance Regulatory Authority can help employers and return to work coordinators understand their role, the importance of recovery at work and how employers can meet their workers compensation obligations.  

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