Find out how mentally healthy your business is with the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment

Survey your workers and get tailored actions to improve your workplace with our free digital tool.

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What is the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment?

This is a free digital tool that surveys your staff.

Using insights from your leaders and workers, the tool will reveal how your business is performing in areas critical to workplace mental health, such as leadership and culture.

It will give you recommended actions to improve your workplace, based on your results.
Survey your workers


What is the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment?

Learn about our new Workplace Wellbeing Assessment tool.

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What is the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment?

Did you know there is a free tool that takes the guess work out of how to become a mentally healthier workplace?

It’s called the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment. 

This digital tool lets you survey your staff and measure how your business is performing in areas critical to people’s mental health at work, like leadership and culture.  

If you or your executives are looking for robust analysis on: 

  • How mental health experiences vary across your organisation 
  • What actions you can take to keep your workers safe and engaged
  • And a way to measure and report on your progress over time, 

then the Workplace Wellbeing Assessment is for you.  

It’s not hard to start.


  1. Create your free account
  2. Survey your staff
  3. And download your detailed and confidential report

To get started, go to and search for ‘Workplace Wellbeing Assessment’

Benefits of the tool

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Get actions to help keep your workers safe and engaged

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Compare your business to others in your industry and NSW

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See how experiences vary across your teams

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Track changes in your workplace over time

How it works


Create a free account

You will be asked to provide information about your organisation and the email addresses of your workers and business leaders.


Survey your workers

A survey will then be sent to the email addresses you provided.

The survey will take about 10 minutes for a worker to complete and 20 minutes for a business leader.


Download your results

Once your workers complete the survey, your results and recommended actions will be immediately available in a 40+ page report.

You will be notified by email when the report is available.

Download a sample report (PDF 533.39KB)

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Results report

The tool generates a custom report based on the responses from your people. Get insights on how they view the mental health capability of your business as well as actions you can take to improve your workplace.

View sample report (PDF 533.39KB)

Snapshot of the report you receive after completing the workplace wellbeing assessment. The 40 page report is comprehensive, and details which level your workplace sits at for the four focus areas of a mentally healthy workplace. It also provides areas of improvement and specific actions you can take to increase your score.


Use the checklist, email templates, posters and graphics to get the best experience using the tool.

View the toolkit

Workplace Wellbeing Assessment business toolkit.

Your questions answered

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This tool does not measure or provide comment on business compliance with legislation or compliance standards. It provides information and recommendations on how to create a mentally healthy, safe and productive working environment.

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