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Hear from people who are working to create mentally healthy workplaces, developing new ideas, leading change and sharing their mental health lived experience to inspire and educate others.

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Proactively support workplace wellbeing

What workplace wellbeing is – and isn't

Fitness classes, mindfulness sessions or resilience training may help promote healthy habits in your workforce. But to truly support your employees' wellbeing, you must go further.


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Boost the effectiveness of your EAP

Tips to boost the effectiveness of your Employee Assistance Program (EAPs)

EAPs can reduce the impact and severity of mental ill-health for workers. Get the most value from your EAP with these tips. 


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Regional NSW resource

How to build a mentally healthy workplace in regional NSW

We spend a third of our life at work, so making sure mental health is promoted, managed and supported in the workplace is a good place to start addressing these concerns.

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