Fiona Simson

Last updated: 19 August 2021

Fiona has been an agricultural industry leader at both a state and federal level since 2008. Elected in 2016 as the first female President of National Farmers Federation in its 40-year history, she is now leading industry through an exciting period of change.  

Fiona Simson
Fiona Simson, primary industry

Growing up on a property near Armidale, NSW, Fiona is passionate about the growth and sustainability of rural and regional Australia and agriculture’s role in its future. 

“Mental health issues in regional and remote Australia are on the rise. With all the challenges the agricultural sector has had to face over the years, this it is not surprising. 

“My role as Mentally Healthy Workplaces ambassador has never been as important as now.  

“I want to shape the way mental health is addressed in my sector and lead change by raising awareness that it is okay not be okay, so people start the conversation. But mostly, I want to ensure our farmers, their workplaces and community, have access to the services they need to support their mental health at their fingertips.” 

A farmer herself with her husband Ed and family from the Liverpool Plains in NSW, she hopes to create opportunities for more women and young people to become involved in the industry and was instrumental in the launch of the NFF’s first Diversity in Ag Leadership Programme in 2018.  

Mental health in the agriculture sector

Mentally Healthy Workplaces - Fiona Simson Case Study

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