The NSW Government brand plays an important role when communicating to our customers. It is important the NSW Government brand is used prominently and consistently across government communications.

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The NSW Government logo appears on the left, various logo configurations appear on the right.

What you need to know

If you're a NSW Government department, agency or entity there is guidance you must follow regarding branding on communications.

The NSW Government Brand Framework sets the strategy and model of how brands are categorised across NSW Government, and is comprised of five main categories.

  • Masterbrand – the default category for all NSW Government brands and communications
  • Co-brand – for brands with a strong connection to the NSW Government but still requiring a custom logo
  • Endorsed – where brands maintain their prominence but still require a connection to the NSW Government 
  • Independent – for brands where there’s a perceived or actual independence from government
  • Stand-alone – includes brands that operate autonomously and require a high level of distinction from the NSW Government.

All NSW Government communications must follow the requirements of the masterbrand category (NSW Government brand) unless a formal brand exemption has been granted.

Learn more about the Brand Framework

How to apply branding

Once you have reviewed the NSW Government Brand Framework to determine which brand category to use, you must follow the NSW Government Visual Identity System to apply branding to NSW Government communications correctly. The system includes comprehensive guidelines and resources to assist you which can be accessed via the NSW Government Brand Toolbox. No separate guidelines should be created other than what is included in the NSW Government Brand Toolbox.

Go to NSW Government Brand Toolbox

First time users of Brand Toolbox will need to register for access. 

For government employees, they can only register by confirming the NSW Government cluster they belong to. All non-government employees will need to register as external members and will need to supply details of the government contact referring them to the site before authorisation can be granted. 

An easy user guide to registering for Brand Toolbox (PDF 728KB) is available to assist.

The comprehensive guidelines available in Brand Toolbox must always be followed, however if you are simply after a quick reference guide you can download the below:

Four equally divided rectangles show a font sample, grid, colour palette and bicycle icon.

Brand toolbox

The comprehensive guidelines and resources which must always be followed when applying branding to NSW Government communications are available in Brand Toolbox. 

The NSW Government logo appears in the centre below the text 'Proudly funded by'.

Sponsorship and funding acknowledgement

If you're receiving funding from the NSW Government you must include acknowledgement of the NSW Government’s contribution. 

Recipients of NSW Government funding for infrastructure and capital works must acknowledge that it came from NSW Government and follow specific guidelines on how to do this.

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Useful assets

  • Download Public Sans font
  • NSW Design System
    Agencies should use the NSW Design System to apply the NSW Government brand prominently and consistency to digital products and services.
  • Coat of Arms
    Guidance is available on use of the Coat of Arms, including how to request use.
  • Hoarding
    The NSW Government logo is the only branding to be used on hoarding for NSW Government projects. Follow this guidance when producing hoarding.
  • Registered trademark
    The NSW Government logo is a registered trade mark and used for a number of services. Read more to understand trademark requirements.
  • Government advertising
    Guidance is available when developing NSW Government advertising.

Need advice?

Email the Cluster brand team first for advice on branding relating to agencies within that cluster.

You can contact the NSW Government brand team for advice relating to all of NSW Government branding. 

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