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Professional development

The NSW Government Communications Capability Program provides support and guidance to NSW Government marketing communication professionals to ensure our communications are efficient and effective, and in the best interest of the increasingly diverse community of NSW.

The program is managed by the Sector Capability unit within the Brand and Communications team in the NSW Government Department of Customer Service. 

Engaging our Government Communications (‘GovComms’) community

The program provides networking and development opportunities for communications professionals in NSW Government.

In-person and online events are held every month on a range of topics, to support staff to deliver effective communications and targeted engagement activities for the people of NSW.

Joining the GovComms community lets communications professionals access valuable training, networking and learning opportunities to further improve their skills and confidence. 

Who should join?

If you are a NSW Government employee, you can register as a GovComms member if you work in a role such as:

  • advertising
  • accessible or inclusive communications
  • branding
  • community and stakeholder engagement
  • corporate communications
  • crisis communications
  • creative services 
  • digital channels and communications 
  • events
  • internal communications and engagement
  • marketing 
  • media relations
  • research and analytics
  • social media
  • stakeholder and community engagement
  • any other role involved in marketing communications. 

By registering, you will stay up to date with professional development opportunities relevant to you and connect with your colleagues across the sector. You’ll also be able to access the GovComms Learning Hub, an online platform for professional development.

The NSW Government is committed to fostering a highly capable professional workforce that is collaborative, agile and motivated to further their marketing communications career in the public service.

Benefits of being part of the GovComms community

Becoming part of the GovComms community is easy and means you can enjoy a range of benefits, such as: 

  • access to training via the NSW Government Communications Learning Hub, and other professional development offerings
  • staying up to date with the latest trends, technologies, and NSW Government policies relevant to your work
  • invitations to events such as seminars with industry speakers, webinars, workshops and communities of practice
  • opportunities to connect and collaborate with colleagues across the public sector .

The GovComms Learning Hub

The NSW GovComms Learning Hub is the learning platform available to all NSW Government marketing communications professionals. Becoming a GovComms member automatically gives you access to the Learning Hub.

The Learning Hub supports members to learn, interact and explore professional development opportunities, upskilling programs and networking events .

Our carefully curated content include:

  • e-learning modules to help expand knowledge
  • recordings of past webinars featuring industry experts
  • podcasts for listening and learning on the go
  • spaces for community of practice members to share information and collaborate online.

Government Communications Virtual Internship

If you’re currently undertaking tertiary education and aspire to become a Government Communications professional, we encourage you to complete the NSW Government Virtual Internship Program in the Marketing and Communications stream. 

Come and work with us!

You can apply for positions at NSW Government by applying for an advertised vacancy on I work for NSW. 

We welcome applications from eligible, qualified professionals who are passionate about delivering customer-centric engagement activities and effective and efficient marketing communication strategies. 

Search for roles on I Work for NSW.

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