Collaborating across government

Collaboration across NSW Government social channels leads to better outcomes for customers and improved performance of content.

Join the group

If you work in NSW Government social media, we recommend you join the closed Facebook group for NSW Government social media professionals. Contact The NSW Government Social Media Team via our contact form.

Here are some other ways that you can start collaborating. 

Support content from other agencies

You can easily support other NSW Government social media teams by:

  • sharing and/or liking their content from your account
  • commenting on or replying to other channels’ content as your channel
  • tagging or mentioning other pages in your content
  • requesting creative from their campaign to share on your page or offering to support their campaign with your own content
  • establishing cross-posting relationships (or similar) so that you can share content easily between pages
  • reaching out to them if you see them doing something great you’d like to be involved in
  • using their campaign hashtags (where appropriate).

Introduce yourself

We’re a social bunch. Get to know the social media managers of other pages, especially if you think your content or campaign might be relevant to their audience.

To start the conversation, you can: 

  • ask for the person or team in the closed Facebook group for NSW Government social media professionals
  • for an introduction, email us at

Plan for big campaigns

If you identify opportunities for other NSW Government agencies to get involved with an upcoming campaign, reach out to them in advance and explain why your campaign might be relevant to them.

Many page owners will want to create their own unique post rather than simply sharing your wording or post. Give them notice and help them to do this.

Attend the Community of Practice

Social media professionals from across NSW Government gather often to:

  • discuss best practice
  • hear from the platforms
  • see what other experts are doing
  • learn from one another.

If you work in social media in NSW Government, ask the NSW Government Social Media team to add you to the mailing list for updates on the Community of Practice. 

Email us at

Talk about your results

Did you run a campaign that smashed expectations? Or have great expectations for a post that flopped? Help your peers learn by sharing these results in the closed Facebook group or at the next Social Media Community of Practice.

To get on the next agenda, email us at

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