Social listening

It’s important that NSW Government agencies understand the needs and experiences of their communities. Using social listening to capture online conversations about your agency is an important and effective way to do this.


Listening to what’s happening on social media can help to inform decisions in your team or agency. 

Social listening can be used to: 

  • find feedback that doesn’t specifically @mention you
  • identify information gaps that should be addressed
  • gauge how social media users feel about your product or service 
  • monitor emergencies, trends, and emerging issues 
  • track the success of your hashtag or campaign 
  • choose the right platform or hashtag.

How to do social listening

The NSW Government has an agreement with Insentia, which means that all agencies have access to a social listening tool.

Reach out to your account representative at Insentia for help setting up monitoring and reports on keywords, hashtags, campaigns, mentions, sentiment and more.

Need help?

Please email the DPC Media team at

Other tools 

There are many other tools that your team can use for social listening. Some examples include:

Consider your social listening needs and pick a tool that suits you. Note that you may need to pay for these services.

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