Technical issues with social media

Help and support for temporary bugs and platform outages.

It is common for social media managers to encounter technical issues with the platforms they use.

While this can be frustrating at times, there are solutions that may help.

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Account managers

If you’ve got a problem that doesn’t respond to low-fi solutions (such as using another browser or clearing your cache) and doesn’t show up when you check outages, you may need to ask for help.

If you’ve got an account manager at the relevant platform, reach out to them in the first instance.

If you don’t have an account manager, or don’t know who to talk to email the contact The NSW Government Social Media Team at

If the issue is urgent, you should also contact the platform for support. 

Best practice for reporting issues

Due to the long response times involved with support, it is vital that you include as much detail in the initial submission as possible.

At a minimum, you should include:

  • a link to account and/or pages affected
  • relevant IDs for pages, ads, and posts affected
  • a link to profile that you are logged into while experiencing the issue
  • a detailed explanation of the issue, and a screenshot where relevant
  • how long you have been experiencing the issue for
  • what you have already tried to solve the issue (for example, cleared your cache and cookies). 

Getting verified

If you’ve applied for verification through the platform, reach out to The NSW Government Social Media Team at


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