nsw.gov.au domain names

NSW Government entities and local councils can use nsw.gov.au domain names to identify their organisation or program online.

Who can register nsw.gov.au domain names?

nsw.gov.au is a “closed” domain space, available for use by NSW Government and local council organisations within NSW only.

A registrant (or domain owner) must be:

  • an organisation established by an Act of Parliament or government-only regulation as a government department or agency
  • a local government entity
  • a statutory authority
  • other defined government body.

Register a new domain

  1. check if a domain name is available.
  2. apply for a .nsw.gov.au domain on the Domain Name website.

Your application is then forwarded to NSW Government Domain Administrator to check it complies with the Domain Policies and Guidelines.

Until further notice, the Department of Customer Service is covering the cost of domain registrations.

Manage your domains

Once the domain name is registered, registrants are responsible for maintaining registry records. Changes can be requested on the Domain Name website and are managed by the Domain Name Administration support team at the Australian Government Department of Finance.

Raise a support request to:


To protect your domain from being spoofed, you must implement a "reject" policy via an explicit DMARC record. Contact dmarc@cyber.nsw.gov.au if you require clarification or assistance.

Policy and guidelines

All domain registration and administration activities for NSW Government agencies and local councils must comply with the following national policies and guidelines:

Additionally, NSW Government agencies must conform with DCS-2020-01 NSW Government website consolidation.

Domains for NSW Government entities

Before applying for a domain name, consider how this new site fits into your digital strategy and online presence. Could it be part of an existing domain, either as a subdomain or subdirectory, or delivered through the redevelopment of an existing domain?

Contact us

For questions about nsw.gov.au domains, email domainadmin@customerservice.nsw.gov.au

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