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Transport is more than getting people and goods from A to B. We’re making NSW a better place to live, work and visit by connecting people and communities and making journeys safer, easier and more reliable.

Report potholes or other road surface issues

Report potholes or other road surface issues

Call 131 700 or submit your feedback online to report your issue.

Key projects

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Personalised customer journeys

Our world-leading technology will soon provide you with seamless and personalised journeys across all transport modes. This includes real-time, proactive transport choices and personalised notifications. Opal Connect will allow you to plan, book, pay, travel and give feedback across a wide range of transport services in NSW.

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Emerging transport modes

We’re working towards net zero emissions by 2050, through the adoption of automated vehicles and the transition to electric and zero emission vehicles. We are supporting the uptake of electric vehicles by co-funding electric vehicle charge points in metropolitan commuter carparks and in regional centres. We are trialling the use of connected and automated vehicles in ridesharing services.

To ensure the benefits of connected and automated vehicles are realised and we are ready for mass adoption, we have engaged other state government agencies to prioritise alignment of national laws, regulations and standards.

Who we are

Transport for NSW was established in November 2011. Our role is to deliver improved transport outcomes for the people of NSW. We are responsible for the movement of people and goods on roads, trains, buses, ferries, light rail, point to point transport vehicles, On Demand services, community transport, walking and cycling. We also oversee the delivery of multi-billion dollar transport infrastructure across NSW through our project delivery partners and industry experts.

We do this by putting customers and communities at the centre of everything we do and partnering with operating agencies, private operators and industry to deliver customer-focussed services and projects.

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Contact us

If your enquiry relates to a roads or waterways service, you can submit your enquiry online.

Phone: 02 8202 2200

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Transport for NSW
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