Maritime licences

How to get, keep, and renew licences for NSW waterways. Including: general boat and Personal Watercraft (PWC) licences, aquatic event licences and private mooring licences.

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Renew a boat licence

General boat driving licences are renewable for 1, 3, 5 or 10 years and can be renewed online.

Renew a PWC licence

To renew your PWC driving licence it must be current, or not expired more than 5 years.

Practice knowledge tests

Become familiar with the boating knowledge tests before you attempt the tests for real.

Boat and personal watercraft (PWC) licences

Find out how to get, keep and renew a boat driving licence or personal watercraft (PWC) driving licence in NSW.

Aquatic event licences

Find out everything you need to know about aquatic event licences on NSW waterways. Including: when you need one, how to apply, costs and more.

Private mooring licence

A NSW private mooring licence allows you to moor your vessel at a specific site on navigable waters. Find out how to apply and the rules you must follow.

Digital licences

Find out how you can access some NSW government licences and permits digitally using your smartphone or tablet device.

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