Boat and personal watercraft (PWC) licences

How to get, keep and renew a boat driving licence or personal watercraft (PWC) driving licence in NSW.

Get boat or PWC licence

Follow these steps to apply for a general boat or PWC licence for the first time in NSW.

Renew, replace or update a boat or PWC licence

Renew your boat or personal watercraft (PWC) licence before it expires. Apply for a replacement if it’s lost, stolen, damaged, or your details change.

Get practical boating experience

You need to show evidence of practical boating experience to get a general boat driving licence. You can do this through a logbook or course.

Practise and book knowledge tests

Here’s how to study for and sit the licence knowledge tests.

Fees for boat or PWC licence

How much does it cost to get, replace or renew a boat or PWC licence in NSW? Also, what are the fees for licence knowledge tests?

Moving your boat or PWC licence to NSW

Moving to NSW? How to get a NSW boat or PWC licence if you’re an interstate or overseas licence holder.

Your health - boat or PWC licence

Learn about eyesight tests, medical requirements and licence conditions for a boat or PWC licence in NSW.

Proving your identity

You need to show proof of your identity to get Maritime-related products such as a boat licence.

Combined driver and boat licence

How to combine an unrestricted driver licence and adult boat licence onto one card.

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