Aquatic event licences

Find out everything you need to know about aquatic event licences on NSW waterways. Including: when you need one, how to apply, costs and more.

Apply for an aquatic event licence

A step by step guide on how to apply for an aquatic event licence.

Aquatic events

Find out what an aquatic event is and how, when and where to apply for an aquatic event licence.

Approved aquatic events

View and search all upcoming aquatic events on this page.

Aquatic event licences

What an aquatic event licence is, when you need one and the responsibilities of licence holders.

Sailing Event Notification System

The Sailing Event Notification System allows sailing events to proceed without needing an aquatic event licence.

Aquatic event licence fees

See the costs of applying for an aquatic event licence and when additional costs may apply.

Tips for attending aquatic events

Tips for safe boating during aquatic events and what to do in the case of illness or emergency.

Documents and forms

Application forms, documents and template guides for aquatic event licences and sailing events.

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