Safety and rules on NSW waterways

Being safe on the water is a responsibility we all share. Understand the key rules to keep you and others safe.

NSW waterways lighthouse

Webcams for coastal bars and alpine waters

Live webcam vision of coastal bars and alpine waters to help boaters and skippers prepare for a safe trip.

If you're involved in an incident

What to do during and after a boating or marine incident. How to respond and report on the incident or emergency.

Get Boating Handbook

The NSW Boating Handbook has practical information on NSW boating rules, safety, registration and penalties for on-water offences. 

Carrying and wearing lifejackets

Know the safety equipment you must carry, and how to use and take care of it. This includes approved lifejackets to use as well as handy checklists and flare disposal locations.

Before you go boating

From weather conditions and maintaining your vessel, to knowing the rules and having the right equipment – be ready for a safe day on the water.

Rules for using NSW waterways

Being safe on the water is a responsibility we all share. Understand the rules to help keep you and others safe, and protect our waterways.

Emergencies and incidents

How to prevent and respond to incidents and emergencies when you're on a boat or other vessel.

Navigation marks, lights and sounds

Understand navigation marks and how to pass them safely. Know your sound signals and what lights you must display on your vessel. Recognise other vessels at night.

Towing and boating

Rules and safety info for skippers who are towing, and for people being towed on NSW waters. Plus rules for towing your trailer on the road.

Emerging vessel types and safety technologies

New vessel types and technologies are continually emerging. Here's what you need to know before buying one to use in NSW.

Safety education

Our boating educators work with the community to encourage safe boating journeys in NSW.

Boating safety resources

Safety information and publications, including the Boating Handbook. Available for free download – or to order as free printed copies.

Staying safe

If you're new to boating or only get on the water occasionally, here's everything you need to know to stay safe, stick to the rules and enjoy your day out.

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