Boating safety resources

Safety information and publications, including the Boating Handbook. Available for free download – or to order as free printed copies.

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Download or order resources

These materials are available to download as PDFs. You can also choose to download eBook versions for the Boating Handbook, Personal Watercraft (PWC) Handbook and NSW Tide Tables.

For free printed copies of these materials, call 13 12 36 or visit a service centre.


Some documents on this page may not comply with accessibility requirements (WCAG). If you are having trouble accessing information in these documents, please contact us.

Out on the water - conditions and marine life

  • NSW Tides - NSW tide tables are available to download in both PDF and EPUB3 (eBook) format.



Safety education for schools and community groups

Our boating education officers (BEOs) work closely with community to provide advice and safety resources. Learn more about our education programs and get in touch with your local boating education officer.

It’s essential that kids understand the importance of boating safety. Our Marine safety activity book is a useful resource to help kids safely enjoy our waterways. You can download a free copy. Or if you're in NSW, you can request delivery of a free printed copy.

Boating safety mobile apps

Boating apps give you quick access to helpful information about waterways on your smartphone or tablet.

MarineRescue app

This app connects boaters directly to Marine Rescue NSW, the State's official volunteer marine rescue service. Boaters can log onto the app to share their plans before setting out so that a search can be quickly started if they don't return when expected.

To find out more, visit MarineRescue App.

Download the free app from the Apple Store or Google Play.

The app includes a tracking option which automatically updates every 30 minutes as well as a range of safety tools and information.


Transport for NSW endorses Deckee. The app is available for free via the Apple Store and Google Play.


Demonstration of the Deckee mobile app

What's on the Deckee app?

The Deckee app includes maps showing boat ramps, speed zones and navigational aids. The app has access to a live data feed from Transport for NSW that captures alerts, marine notices and campaigns. The app also shows the current ‘Feels like’ temperature alongside the current actual temperature so you can always be prepared.

Other features

Shown below are some of Deckee’s other useful features:

  • Share your location.
  • See tips and photos of fishing spots and anchorages from other boaters.
  • Access quotes for boat insurance.
  • Read business reviews and connect with local service providers.
  • Track Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) vessel movements. AIS is a very high frequency (VHF) radio communication system. It enables vessels, shore-based stations and distress equipment to exchange information including ship position, course and speed.

Useful apps


Marine Rescue NSW app icon

Marine Rescue NSW

Marine Rescue NSW is the state’s official volunteer marine rescue service. The MarineRescue App allows you to register details of your next boating trip.


Deckee app icon


Stay safe and informed on the water. Get official alerts and information from maritime authorities. Explore crowdsourced reports from the boating community. Check the weather conditions and forecasts near you. 

Test your knowledge

Take a quick quiz to see how well you know the rules for staying safe on our waterways. There's a quiz for general boating and a quiz for operating a personal watercraft.

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