Jetlev flyer

In NSW, the Jetlev flyer can only be used for demonstration purposes, not for general use. Here are the rules you must follow.

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What is a JetLev Flyer?

This information is current as of June 2021.

A JetLev Flyer operates with a personal jet pack. This allows the operator to travel approximately 8.5 metres above water and navigate using the force of the water for propulsion and direction while trailing a water pump, similar in appearance to a personal watercraft (PWC).

Risks when using a JetLev Flyer

JetLev Flyers have been linked to a number of issues on NSW navigable waters:

  • The safety of the operator controlling the device.
  • The safety of the operator, given the possibility that they may hit the water surface at approximately 70km/h.
  • Training the operator in the specific areas of take-off, flying, turning, hovering and landing procedures.
  • The safety of other vessels and persons in the water.


The JetLev Flyer is not suitable for registration and general use in NSW.

It’s considered to be an 'unsafe vessel' under Section 44 of the Marine Safety Act 1998.

It’s suitable for demonstration purposes only, under strict aquatic event licence conditions and when the operator has provided Transport for NSW with documentary evidence of having satisfied the necessary training requirements as established by ‘Safety considerations of the JetLev personal flight device’, as current at the time.

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