A personal watercraft (PWC) licence and registration is required to operate a wetbike in NSW.

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What is a Wetbike?

The Wetbike is a power driven vessel similar in design and size to a personal watercraft (PWC).

The Wetbike is designed to be ridden by a person or persons sitting astride the vessel. The design of the vessel may incorporate hydrofoils to assist with performance. The vessel has a fully enclosed hull and does not retain water taken on if it capsizes.

The vessel may be powered by either an outboard engine or other means, and may reach speeds of up to approximately 30 knots.

In NSW, these vessels meet the definition of a personal watercraft (PWC) under the Marine Safety Regulation 2016.

Regulations and use on NSW waters

  • A PWC licence and registration are required to operate the vessel and the registration number must be displayed on the PWC.
  • Lifejackets are to be worn as per the requirements of lifejackets for PWC in NSW.
  • PWC safety equipment requirements are to be adhered to and PWC exclusion zones apply.
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