Tow-in surfing

Here are the rules you must follow as a tow-in surfer or vessel driver to keep yourself and others safe.

Tow-in surfing is when a personal watercraft (PWC) tows a person on a surfboard onto a breaking wave. You can only do this in open waters at surf breaks where there are no other surfboard riders.

You can drive your PWC without an observer when tow-in surfing. In this case, you must follow these special rules.

Both the PWC driver and the tow-in surfer must:

  • have a PWC licence
  • have a first-aid certificate
  • wear a lifejacket.

The PWC driver must:

  • only tow 1 person at a time
  • give way to all other water activities
  • keep a minimum distance of 200m from all vessels and people in the water
  • carry the required safety equipment.
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